HRH Dr Nelson NOËL is a world leader with a strong mandate to save Haiti, his homeland.
He has been based in France; Europe for many years, bringing leadership impact to the nations and commu

nities all over the world. Today he dedicates his work to reconnect Haiti with her motherland Africa, in order to bring Haiti back to the world economic map.

Nelson is a Presidential Aspirant for Haiti and a World Civility leader. He is also an International Affairs Advisor and member of Humanitarian Diplomatic Alliance Chaplaincy, committed to defend human rigts.
He received many awards, including the prestigious Nelson Mandela Medal.
Nelson is also crowned, by adoption, as a Royal Prince of the Lemode Kingdom, Nigeria.
He is a solidarity entrepreneur. He created a new economic philosophy named “Purple Economy”. His vision is to raise new generational Business leaders, therefore he created the World Solidarity Economy Awards Day, which takes place each year on June 17th and the World Farmers Awards Day, organized each year on May 1st.
He is the CEO of Multiple Fusion UK-US Ltd company and the founder of Nelson Noel Foundation Inc., located in the USA, Atlanta, Georgia.
In Haiti Nelson initiated a social economic program called MEPHA, created to support farmers, entrepreneurs and people in need, children and youth. He is the leader of the ‘NAP KONSTWI’ movement; a movement that has been created to save and pacify Haiti.
On April 13th 2022 the Africa- Haiti Chamber of Commerce has been established in Nigeria and on June 24th The Chamber of Commerce has been established in Ghana. Nelson initiated this along with different representatives worldwide, in order to strengthen the international cooperation between Haiti and her motherland Africa.