We foresee, analyze, diagnose and offer appropriate solutions to companies, organizations, and local governments related to social and economic problems; particularly between the richest and poorest countries of the world.

International Cooperation

International Cooperation

In the past, everyone wanted to develop personally and carry a solo project, which is not bad in itself. However, the weather is changing. Whoever was at the top of the economic pyramid was seen as a true champion, but today we are approaching a whole new socio-economic trend, and our company Multiple Fusion is one step ahead of it.

Millennials, for example, are much more sensitive to economic and social solidarity and dream of a society of tomorrow not only responsible for the environment, but also with more social justice where global wealth is better distributed and that each country can have advantage of economic sovereignty and autonomy.

On the strength of this observation, we also focus on international cooperation and to provide concrete answers on the international market and financial investment, we created the: GLOBAL BUSINESS INVESTORS CLUB BILLIONAIRES hence Glob-Iclub Billionaires .



Glob-Iclub Billionaire’s emphasizes the need to bring together businesswomen and businessmen from all nations and all fields, with the aim of jointly investing in solidarity projects worldwide.

“True wealth begins with the solidarity of individuals.”

About Glob-IClub Billionaires

International Cooperation

What our Customers Say

” Hello my name is Lorraine Whitney and I am a proud student of Multiple Fusion, Iokonomia Business school. I must say that I was in awe at the depth of awareness for conducting business in the 21st century. CEO Dr Nelson Noel is a man with vision and execution needed to point his audience in the direction of personal development and business. I am happy that I made the choice to participate in this program and hope to help someone who had it in mind to do the same. You would not regret your actions!  “

Lorraine Whitney, Business and Social Entrepreneur

“My name is Constance Fraser and I am an independent business owner with Atomy, a plant-based health supplement and Beauty products company . My experience as a student of the Multiple Fusion 7 Steps Success  Business  Coaching program & the Iokonomia Business School has been a transformation  for me to become the person I was born to be. The incorporation of mind, body, soul and environment allowed me to tap into a phenomenal mindset of growth, both on a personal and professional level. Our brilliant and dedicated CEO, Dr. Nelson Noel, teaches individuals how to find their Whys and Fly like eagles. I sure did and so can you!! Therefore, please get involved as soon as possible and experience the positivity of these wonderful teachings. Thank you all so much for allowing me to share!!”

Constance Fraser, Business and Social Entrepreneur