More than 7.8 billion people in the world live there daily from Agriculture; and despite everything, the trades of Farmers are often neglected and very little supported by central governments.

With the global health crisis, it becomes a necessity to reconsider the value and importance of the agro-forestry and agro-industrial sector in our lives today.

Therefore, to create a new dynamic in the agricultural world and generate more interest, we promote a new approach to local and global Agriculture, in fact, we baptize “Organic & Solidarity Agriculture” or “Violet Agriculture”. Thus to perpetuate our actions we have created the Multi-Services company MEPHA hence the House of Haitian Entrepreneurs and Peasants, in Thomassique, Haiti,

MEPHA cultivates a real dialogue between farmers and entrepreneurs from countries in difficulty and developed countries, in order to create a bridge of economic and social possibilities.

Our services & resources

Our services & resources

MEPHA to perpetuate its actions emphasizes financial investment, in the future initiative of an Agricultural Cooperation and Investment Bank.

Kontra Peyizan

Kontra Peyizan

A program for farmers followed by training in Agricultural techniques, entrepreneurship, Certification, loans, Farmers’ Notebook, support, and follow-ups.

Plop Plop Medam

Plop Plop Medam

A financial support program for women traders, followed by training in agricultural techniques, entrepreneurship, certification, loans, Farmers’ Booklet, support and follow-ups.

Mepha Youth

A socio-cultural and financial program between young people, in order to enhance the agricultural landscape through various activities, annually we schedule the day of the agricultural walk in summer.

Campus Haiti 2054

A program with two dimensions of professionalization, Teacher’s Certificates and Student’s Certificates on courses: Leadership, Management, Innovation, Governance, Entrepreneurship, Business Civility.

Teacher’s Certificates

Training for the benefit of teachers on a transmission contract, who then have the mission of also training students and young people in entrepreneurship and the solidarity economy.

Student’s Certificates

A training that inspires students and young people to undertake from an early age, in order to fight poverty and juvenile delinquency.

Annually on May 1st, Mepha awards farmers and entrepreneurs in the global field of agriculture, especially those working in the solidarity economy model.

Mepha also supports social initiatives and projects connected to Nelson Noël Foundation and to other international organizations.

Campus Haiti 2054 Scholarship

This program intends to educate out-of-school Haitian children aged 3 to 17, often located in places that are almost inaccessible due to the lack of necessary infrastructure, and also to participate in the adult literacy program.

We intend to go further by also helping the education of children around the world.

For any contact in order to advance the education of children:

Whatsapp: +33 6 67 88 34 28


At the Thomassic Center, the Siloé School has been welcoming dozens of children and teenagers for years. This program opts to fight against the non-schooling of children, especially in the Haitian provinces and the most remote places of the country.

Co-founded after the earthquake of January 12, 2010, by Reverend Bitol Donacien and Dr. Nelson Noël.

Nelson Noel Foundation

What our Customers Say

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Lorraine Whitney, Business and Social Entrepreneur

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Constance Fraser, Business and Social Entrepreneur